We have to consider the clinical outcomes of initiatives put in place to protect the public.

Please see recent statistics published by organisations such as the Children’s Commissioner in England, the WHO and NSPCC (most data refers to England); this refers to a 93% decrease in hospital attendance, mostly by children, a 89% increase in need for emergency food parcels, a 80% increase in helpline calls relating to domestic violence (June 2020), a 400% increase in helpline calls relating to alcohol problems, at least 30% increase in child abuse according to one NSPCC publication (33% increase in physical abuse, 65% increase in emotional abuse, 46% increase in neglect and 9.6% increase in sexual abuse) and 90% increase in concerns relating to child sexual exploitation (NCMEC USA).

Considering that the WHO reports an estimate of 1 billion children, age 2-17, abused in the last year, and 40 150 homicide deaths in children, some due to maltreatment, we cannot afford for these statistics to increase. Please know child abuse statistics are likely much higher than reported due to various factors.

Let us work together to protect our most vulnerable in all age groups.