Simple initiatives can positively impact on mental state.

Chronic anxiety or stress is a well established evidence-based and significant risk factor for mental health and general health; lowers the immune response, significantly increasing susceptibility to infections and worsening prognosis.

Simple initiatives can positively impact on mental state. Consider your immediate environment and be creative regarding your options. Many children and adults comment on their favourite activities in this context, effective strategies to precipitate and maintain calm:

1. Regular time in nature or in the garden or tending or enjoying indoor plants.

2. Planting a fruit or vegetable garden, learning as you go.

3. Quality time with pets and animals.

4. Learning about new food types and experimenting with new recipes on your own or with your family.

5. Enjoying a drawn out meal in a pleasant setting, such as outside, or with a certain theme such as Italian.

6. Creating a calm environment with good music.

7. Reading a relaxing and good book or magazine.

8. Enjoying a favourite hobby such as birdwatching, fishing, swimming or learning about sailing.

9. Learning a new skill such as salsa, ballroom dancing or yoga (with the help of online experts or old movies).

10. Watching relaxing movies.

Balance and boundaries are important to maintain a calm mental state.

It is important to stay up to date with current governmental advice regarding health and travel, however, it is essential that you arrange regular ‘time outs’ where you only focus on positive and relaxing themes.

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