International Outreach Services

We are medical doctors and specialists in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.  We have been based in Cambridge, England, since 2005.  We offer NHS, private and pro bono services.  

Our offices are in #Cambridge and #London, however, we offer services throughout the UK and #Ireland, as well as internationally where requested.  

Our interest relates to service development and service provision for hard to reach children; vulnerable children in need or at risk from a bio-psycho-social context in developing or developed countries. 

We consider a systemic approach in our assessment and management, considering general health and mental health, along with culture and social risk for families and communities.  

In preparation of service development work in developing countries we regularly review National Health Plans and relevant strategies to safeguard and promote children’s and families’ general health and mental health in different cultural and risk contexts.  We remain up to date with local and general knowledge regarding emergency medicine and general medicine, including infectious diseases and vaccines, to prepare volunteers and to meet patients’ needs who refuse to see another medical doctor.  

Our background includes working with children and adults with medical problems, including infectious diseases with secondary complications, in emergency, hospital based, community based and outreach settings in developing and developed countries.  

We left for Asia on 11 January 2020 and travelled through more or less 15 countries during the pandemic.  We returned 5 months later, further to cancelling our trip due to lockdown initiatives and closed borders.  One of the reasons for our trip was to meet with Health Ministries who had requested service development for children.  We plan to resume our trip when borders open.   

We have continued to travel for work between June 2020 and today, often travelling to and from different countries on a weekly basis. We have travelled through at least 20 countries during the pandemic to date. It is relevant to add that we have never presented with symptoms, a temperature or a positive test. We go to great lengths to protect our health and those around us (some details provided – see evidence-based risk reducing and protective factors, normalcy, the immune system) and we prefer contexts, even in airports and airplanes, where good ventilation and social distancing is facilitated, rather than where face masks are indiscriminately mandatory.

We observed various medical and/or governmental protocols with different public responses and statistical outcomes during our travels.  We were particularly interested in these observations, because we offer services to individuals in diverse settings and high risk in social (eg homeless), biological (eg infective diseases such as HIV, TB, HEP B) and psychological (eg high levels of threat) contexts; our consultation includes, but is not limited to, assessment and management of environment, social context, physical safety, mental health, neurodevelopment, general health, immunisations or vaccines, nutrition and access to clean water. 

Our South African background, working in various informal settlements, inspired our interest and commitment to contribute to positive change in diverse settings. 

We have shared observations with relevant Health Ministries, Public Health Departments and colleagues, along with organisations such as the WHO, UNICEF and the UN, and organisations safeguarding children such as the NSPCC and England’s Children’s Commissioner, since March 2020. We are grateful for many positive responses from the UK and various counties in Europe and abroad, and for sharing thoughts, concerns and questions. Common clinical goals, to protect, to reduce risk and to prevent harm, are essential during a global health crisis.

We are happy to share our observations and concerns with relevant educational, social care, criminal justice, legal, health, mental health, managerial or governmental parties, please contact us at to request a copy of this 45-60 page summary.

We continue to make ourselves available to assist in any medical or mental health context during the pandemic in any country. We have offered our services to the UK, countries in Europe such as France, the USA, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific during this pandemic. Please contact us at if you require our services or input. We offer virtual consultation to patients, families, medical colleagues and mental health teams. Most of our crisis related work during this time is pro bono.

We hope to return to previously requested service development and outreach projects in the near future. If you are interested in volunteering please contact us at – a background in mental health or Medicine is not required. More details at and we provide annual seminars on volunteering.

We thank you for your support.