Latin America’s Treasures

#LatinAmerica has many treasures and many lessons to teach.

We were reminded of the importance of #community, #nature, #freshfood, #relaxation, #enjoyment and #normalcy.

We had the best #RedSnapper ever – picture. The fish was caught by the same person who prepared the fish.

We asked the locals what their advice was to relax and be healthy:

1. Good music

2. Good food – “but it has to be fresh” – “nothing beats fresh fish”

3. Food that you “catch yourself, clean yourself, make yourself” – and ideally a lot of “coconut, chillies and lime”

4. Good people around you – the kind who “don’t take themselves too seriously”, who laugh, who listens, who thinks positive

5. Learning new things and trying new things

6. Looking at the sunrise “if you are a fisherman” or at the sunset “if you are the chef” – but taking time to sit still and be quiet “within yourself”

7. Nature gives gifts every day to be happy and to be calm

8. Playing games with children or dancing – “the whole family”

9. Beauty – “seeing it everywhere, because it is everywhere”

10. Being grateful and hopeful – “having the right attitude”

Thank you for all the #kindness and #laughter.

#music #nature #dancing #family #beauty #grateful #hopeful #calm #fish