Liberty linked to Peace

Liberty is a longstanding, well established, evidence-based protective factor for children’s development, well-being, general health, mental health, social risk, safety and security.  

The same is true for adults with different cultural and psycho-social backgrounds.

Nations protect liberty, advocate for liberty and prioritise liberty for these reasons.  Many prioritise liberty over safety or health, because liberty has significant effects on, is an evidence-based predisposing, precipitating and maintaining factor for, safety, mental health, general health and well-being.  Liberty also facilitates and maintains peace in communities, in nations and between nations.

Nations define their identity with liberty and many have sacrificed their lives for liberty.  “Remove a person’s liberty, you remove a person’s voice, rights, hope and life, you take control of him or her”, as reported by a medical colleague. 

Many children’s emotional, language, cognitive, social and physical development, as well as mental health, general health (morbidity and mortality), well-being and safety are significantly affected by ongoing measures depriving liberty intended to protect, not based in good clinical evidence.  Please see statistics regarding risk and harm previously mentioned.

There can be no further delay in weighing evidence-based risk and protective factors for children by medical specialists with training and experience in this regard, and acting accordingly.  

Medical emergencies require a systemic approach with clear clinical leadership; assessment of clinical presentations and relevant bio-psycho-social risk and protective factors by doctors with clinical experience.

First do no harm is a prevailing principle that leads clinicians in high risk and complex contexts, and this is a principle that must be employed with no further delay. 

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