Let’s move forward together in unity – every community – every country

Let’s move forward together in unity – every community – every country:

A medical crisis or pandemic is a time for collaborative working, congruent approaches, clear leadership by medical professionals with appropriate training and clinical experience in bio-psycho-social risk assessment and risk management, good communication and consistency – following only good clinical evidence.

Medical doctors, colleagues and the general public find the leadership, podcast, narratives & information provided by Dr David Nabarro, Chair of Global Health and Co-Director at IGHI Imperial College London, WHO COVID – 19 Special Envoy most positive, reassuring, helpful and valuable. http://www.4sd.info/covid-19-narratives

It is essential that we work together to protect the most vulnerable and the general public, children and adults, in every community and in every country.

It is essential that a global health plan is agreed upon and followed to protect every person equally.

Initiatives have to reduce risk, protect the general public and therefore be based on good clinical evidence considering systemic bio-psycho-social risk and protective factors.

Many medical doctors agree that many initiatives currently increase risk and harm, and evidence supports this concern. Please consider supporting evidence and statistics with markedly increased figures relating to general medical, mental health and social concerns including child abuse and risks to children, as documented in 2020 by organisations such as the WHO, UN, UNICEF, NSPCC, Oxfam, England’s Children’s Commissioner, RCPCH, the Trussell Trust, Young Minds, MIND, Samaritans, NCMEC, Alcohol Change UK and the National Domestic Abuse Helpline.  

First do no harm is a prevailing principle to protect during all medical or mental health crises. We have to ask ourselves whether there is good clinical evidence to support decisions and initiatives in every context. Delays increase risk during medical crises.

We have to learn from previous decisions and clinical audit findings (audits have to be completed). We have to ask the right questions. We have to understand the ABC’s of every decision and initiative during this pandemic (the motivation, predisposing and precipitating context, what the initiative looked like, felt like for individuals – qualitative and quantitive details, and then the biological, psychological and social consequences for every initiative put in place). This will facilitate prevention and protection for tomorrow.

The World Health Organisation is a global organisation with professionals with varied global, medical and mental health training, experience and expertise. The WHO’s recommendations are relevant to every person in every country. The WHO has gone to great lengths to facilitate education and protection – let’s spread the word – let’s be curious – let’s read their recommendations and the information they provide (we have shared some on previous posts), and let’s work together, in unity, to move forward without delay. https://www.who.int

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