Opportunities for 2022

Opportunities for 2022

We will write about travel or holiday opportunities for 2022 when matters settle. Our previous two posts provided some thoughts regarding current opportunities.

We currently provide opportunities to join us with pro bono outreach and service development work or visit us on site. Everyone can contribute in some way – even playing football with children. Please see http://www.mentalhealthbus.co.uk for more details. The current locations include:

• Latin America

• Pacific

• Africa

• UK

• Ireland

Please contact us at admin@mentalhealthbus.co.uk for more information or to join us.

We thank the nearly 20 individuals who have signed up as volunteers in the last few months, however, due to so many GPs and psychiatrists taking early retirement or extended sick leave or moving countries, we would ask that you please confirm your interest at this time. No contracts are required at this time and a ‘maybe’ is more than enough.

We also currently provide opportunities to join our organisation and provide services, mostly remote work, to children and families in the UK:

• Private assessment, treatment, consultation for children and families

• Consultation to carers, support workers and professionals – advice regarding service provision or development

• Educational sessions, training, teaching or presentations to schools, universities, support groups, groups of families, Social Care, Youth Offending Teams, GP surgeries or professionals in hospital settings

• Children’s mental health services to the NHS

• Children’s mental health services to private organisations in the UK

• Children’s mental health services to charity organisations in the UK

Our offices are in Cambridge and London, however, we offer services throughout the UK in the context of home visits, school visits or consultation in GP or Social Care offices. We were informed recently that we are the oldest Child Psychiatry or Child Mental Health private organisation in the UK.

We see children and young people up to age 25 if in part time or full time education; many of our referrals are from universities or mental health teams in universities. On some occasions we also accept referrals of adults over 25, for instance academics at universities, medical doctors, police officers, social workers or teachers. Referrals frequently relate to PTSD, other anxiety disorders, anger or depression. All consultant child psychiatrists (with CCTs in Child Psychiatry) are trained and registered to work in Adult Psychiatry due to 3 years training as specialists in Adult Psychiatry, before 3 years training as specialists in Child Psychiatry.

Our referrals have increased with more than 1000% in the last few months, more or less 50% of our work is offered pro bono. We have offered 2000h pro bono in the last 2 years. We do not require pro bono work from everyone who joins us, however, opportunities are available.

We accept private referrals from adults, children, families, carers, schools, universities, social workers, Police and other professionals.

Most of our private referrals are for families where parents are academics, medical doctors or solicitors. We usually have a short waiting list, however, due to after hour, bank holiday and weekend clinics, we now offer a waiting list of 1-3 weeks. Referrals can be sent to admin@cinaps.co.uk and our website www.cinaps.co.uk has information regarding the referral process, which is relatively simple. We usually offer a discounted rate for individuals working with high risk children such as certain teachers, doctors, Police or social workers.

We thank everyone in our team for their support and assistance during the years. Your input moves us forward. We also thanks our colleagues who have referred trusted professionals to join our team, individuals they have worked with and trust from a professional point of view. We cannot move forward without you. All professionals currently affiliated or working with CINAPS and MHB IP have worked with us, usually in NHS settings, or have worked with our trusted colleagues and are considered to be professionals with extensive clinical training and experience, and committed to the best care for children.

Please contact us at admin@cinaps.co.uk for more information if you are interested in joining our team.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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