Cruising with Good Clinical Evidence

Cruising with Good Clinical Evidence:

“Not much in life is easy, nothing is a cruise, nothing worth while often in any case, this is why we like to take cruises now and again, but many of us will only start cruising again when no testing and no masks or vaccine evidence are required, when good clinical evidence is followed to protect the public, and the current clinical picture is considered, so when things go back to normal, no ‘new normal’ is needed, education is needed, so that we don’t cough or sneeze on each other and wash hands before we eat, but that should have been part of responsible living, so can’t really be seen as a new normal, just development and education”, GP.

“Everyone wants to take a rental car or cruise rather than a flight to get some normal and freedom back in their lives”, medical specialist.

Evidence-based protective factors for general health and mental health include education, autonomy, normalcy and liberty. We have written much regarding these topics since March 2020.

We have been asked to liaise with cruise lines and to inform colleagues and patients which cruise lines have removed mandatory mask policies: (This is our current understanding from websites, information pages, emails and/or direct liaison. We have focussed on the 10 names were were asked to provide information on. Please know policies sometimes change rapidly for various reasons.)

1. NCL – Norwegian

2. Holland America

3. Royal Caribbean

4. Seabourn (policy changed)

5. Princess

6. Carnival

7. Regent

8. Oceania

Celebrity still mandates masks in the casino and theatre. Celebrity has been most helpful, and was one of the first cruises to inform us that they are changing their mask policies to protect adults and children. We thank them. MSC mandates masks on their ships, as per our current understanding.

It is our understanding that cruise lines follow the guidelines of the country they depart from, eg if a cruise departs from the USA, they follow the CDC’s cruise guidelines, and if a cruise departs from Spain, the ECDC’s cruise or general guidelines.

Please know that cruise lines and airlines, like the general public, have to comply with national laws and policies at all times, so ports and excursions follow the rules of the host nations. Most nations are reviewing their policies, the current clinical presentation and good clinical evidence, and most are moving forward following good clinical evidence. We thank you.

Travel websites or pages such as are also providing regular updates.

This photograph was taken of Miami at sunset.

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