Europe: Lack of Normalcy linked to Fear

Europe: Lack of Normalcy linked to Fear

“If we can’t have normal or freedom or choice, we live in constant fear, and fear, if it goes on and on, makes us sick, we all know this”, medical nurse.

“Deprivation of liberty, autonomy and normalcy will always be linked to increased general and mental health morbidity, mortality and social risk”, medical specialist, 20 years experience.

We returned to Europe recently from the Americas.

On our arrival in Europe, border crossings posed no questions regarding recent clinical symptoms or clinical signs, recent confirmed contact or positive tests, which are clinically appropriate and based on clinical reasoning, training and experience, along with good clinical evidence in a health crisis related to respiratory infections. However, we were informed that face masks must be worn by everyone at all times, which is an approach we have not observed for more or less 3 months in other developed and developing countries. Face masks have never been associated with good clinical evidence in the general public, as many doctors have warned since March 2020. Most medical doctors recommend that only good clinical advice is followed in a health crisis.

We were informed that “the state of emergency continues and face masks must be worn at all times, and we, shop owners, are told we have to check up and tell people they have to do it and can’t come in otherwise, it causes a lot of fights, it scares people, and sadness”, shop owner.

Medical colleagues recommend that countries either agree that this state of emergency is over and discontinue all mandates, or state that it is not over and follow all recommendations based on good clinical evidence; “it makes no clinical sense to force people to wear masks, but not ask about positive tests, symptoms or contacts, honestly, it is not congruent with a health crisis, either it is one or it isn’t”… “we can’t pick and choose, most now say it is over, since September”, medical specialist.

We recently liaised with contacts who travelled across Europe from the east to the west through many nations; “we keep a record of what we see and most countries don’t make a fuss about masks now, because we all know it is politics, but some think it is magic, that it is all you need, I wish I had a magic see-through mask, then I can have a normal life and a happy life”, medical professional and professional driver.

“We just arrived in Europe from America and no one asked us about the people with us who tested positive or if we have symptoms or if we had tests ourselves, and many did, many with us tested positive, but they force you to wear masks in a big airy hall with no one there, it makes no sense at all, not clinical sense anyway, this hurts a lot of people and for too long, it is not right, we should treat people with dignity which starts with following good clinical evidence and you can’t force people to do things that make no sense”, GP.

“I went to the southwest of Europe but because I found no normal, I rather avoided hotels and shops, and camped, then went on to France, where I found a lot of normal, all normal, then north, for me, I need normal now, more than ever”, ITU consultant.

“It is funny, people and nations now show you who they are, do they choose good evidence, do they choose fear, do they choose control or do they have courage to stand up and do the right thing now, to audit numbers, to give people education, choice and freedom, return their normal life so that they can have health and sanity again, these patterns have said everything I ever needed to know about where I want to spend my future. We show each other who we are in times of crisis, much more so than when things are going well, and the tough, the smart, those who can understand, assess, manage risk, think big picture, make difficult decisions that will protect, they will be remembered. Many pretend to be tough and leaders, but they are not. Those who asked questions, curious, went the extra mile to follow good evidence for the sake of the people who will be in chains otherwise, who did not govern with fear, we will remember them, for they are the true leaders”, medical director, 20 years clinical experience.

The UK ended all restrictions relating to this outbreak including passenger locator forms. Many other countries also offer normalcy, liberty and autonomy such as in Asia, as previously mentioned, since January 2020, and Europe, Sweden (from the start to a significant extent) and France (before most other European countries). We thank you for your efforts to prioritise evidence-based protective factors for general health and mental health for the general public of all ages. We also thank you for following good clinical evidence when considering risk assessments and management plans.

We would recommend travelling to or in nations where:

1. The general public is educated in terms of respiratory and general infections.

2. The general public is offered choice (autonomy), liberty and normalcy.

3. The general public is mostly calm and positive, where no illness theme or theme of fear exists.

4. Your or the medical doctor has the final say about impression and recommendations for your general health and mental health. Medical and mental health advice should be patient specific from medical doctors with medico-legal responsibility for their recommendations and actions.

This in our specialist opinion will contribute to general health and mental health. As always, we always recommend that you follow the local laws and policies of nations or organisations.

Countries included in this list are for instance France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Croatia, Czech Republic, the UK, Ireland and now the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, and the areas we visited in Mexico, Belize and Honduras. Please feel free to email us for more specific information. States in America also offer wonderful opportunities for normalcy and good health such as Florida. Individuals mostly over 75 in Florida spoke at length of how important normalcy, liberty and autonomy will always be for health and mental health.

“I will always remember the countries that gave us light in these dark days and years, the countries that offered us normal and freedom and choice, the three words everyone is talking about”, medical specialist.

“We will change rules over Easter only means we don’t make decisions based on clinical reasoning, but it is political, as no virus sends a memo that it will change what it is doing over Easter. We do a risk assessment, based on the findings, we act now, this is evidence-based risk management”, medical specialist.

“What I need for my own health and mental health is freedom, choice and normal”, ITU consultant, 40 years clinical experience.

In the USA “Twenty-one states with Republican attorneys general sued Tuesday to halt the federal government’s requirement that people wear masks on planes, trains, ferries and other public transportation amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

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