Florida’s Peace

Florida’s Peace

This photograph was taken on South Beach, Miami, Florida, USA. This board also reminds people of the importance of safeguarding children between regular advertisements.

“People forget that freedom and peace are linked, people forget we need to educate and then give people choice, people forget we fought and died for a normal life for our children, where we don’t live in fear or in chains, where everyone can do what they believe they need for happiness, health and safety, which is the definition of normal, your normal and my normal don’t have to be the same, but they are equally important – normal keeps us sane”, veteran, age 85 on his Harley Davidson.

We left for the Americas in December 2021. We have experienced normalcy, liberty, autonomy and the general public well educated in terms of respiratory infections and professionals regarding good clinical evidence for 3 months. Statistics support these evidence-based approaches. Most agree that this viral outbreak is now “similar risk or less dangerous than the seasonal flu”, medical colleague.

We liaised with people from various cultural, political and socio-economic backgrounds in Florida, many with military backgrounds. We also liaised with individuals from other states such as New York, or other countries such as Canada or in Africa, Asia or Europe. We met people from Europe and UK almost daily. Most reported that they “came for the freedom”, medical doctor from Europe. Many returned to the UK and France when restrictions were lifted and said that they will treasure their kindness; “we will not forget that they stopped taking away freedom, when it was so easy to continue like many other places”, GP.

We can strongly recommend holidays in Florida at the moment. We have found much calm, compassion and positive energy in Florida. There is no illness theme or theme of fear, as per our observations, much like in Latin America. We spent a significant amount of time on both coasts along with the cities and neighbouring areas.

We thank you Florida for your kindness and for contributing to the immediate, short term and long term general and mental health of individuals of all ages by choosing to follow good clinical evidence.

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