We left for the Americas in December 2021. We have experienced normalcy, liberty, autonomy and the general public well educated in terms of respiratory infections and professionals regarding good clinical evidence for 3 months. Statistics support these evidence-based approaches. Most agree that this viral outbreak is now “similar risk or less dangerous than the seasonal flu”, medical colleague.

People spoke with much compassion about the importance of protecting animals that have been treated with cruelty and showed us examples of pumas, parrots and sea turtles. Many spoke of how important family was and that the animals became part of the family; “we saved each other”, manager and father of four.

Many visit Honduras for the beautiful beaches and warm oceans, wonderful diving and snorkelling on the famous reef in the area – we understand the 2d largest reef. We experienced much kindness by divers enthusiastically offering to show us the best sites and their “favourite fish”. We will return for the people.

We thank you Honduras.

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