We left for the Americas in December 2021. We have experienced normalcy, liberty, autonomy and the general public well educated in terms of respiratory infections and professionals regarding good clinical evidence for 3 months. Statistics support these evidence-based approaches. Most agree that this viral outbreak is now “similar risk or less dangerous than the seasonal flu”, medical colleague.

In Mexico, south east coastal areas, we were met with much kindness. We observed great gentleness within most people. People spoke about the importance of family, spending time together and that Sundays were spent picnicking at the beach with family. The food was excellent. “We value the best things in life, kind people, good food, it must be very good, salsa and salsa, food and dancing, and culture, telling stories, learning through stories, and being part of the community”, business owner.

We have observed that many cultures, nations or areas in Latin America have their own unique salsa dance, this is a fond topic of conversation and a wonderful experience where families and individuals from age 8-98 join in before or after dinner. Musicians often say before they start a song “this salsa is from eg Puerto Rico (or elsewhere). One dance that connects us all.

Mexico’s beauty will be remembered, in the people, in dance, and in nature.

We thank you Mexico.

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